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How Healthy is Your Kitchen?

healthy design healthy spaces interior design kitchen restorative spaces May 05, 2021
How Healthy is Your Kitchen?
Is this your day? Getting up at 6:00 am, out of bed heading to the kitchen for coffee. Thank goodness for coffee machines like Keurig. Grabbing a coffee cup and pop it into the machine, push down the lid, and wait. Shower. What clothes are for today? The coffee is done. Thank goodness. Then fix breakfast for the kids? Are they awake? Wake up the kids, grab food, get in the car and go. Quick, get to the office by 8:00 am. The day continues like a blur. The phone rings. A client wants to talk. Check emails and start a new project. Finally, it is 4:30 pm and time to go. Out of the office to start dinner and then their homework. Was there something to pick up on the way home?

Open the door and turn on the bright light in the kitchen to start dinner. Julie walks in and starts to talk about Tom from school who is going to help her with the math problem she doesn’t understand. The conversation continues while dinner is being prepared. 

The kitchen functions as a room to prepare food for people to eat. A kitchen has a specific layout between the sink, stove, and refrigerator creating a better function when preparing food. There are cooking utensils and food needed to eat all in one room. Kitchens can be bright and easy to clean since the counters are cleaned at least once a day. They can be private spaces for family conversations or public when entertaining.

After a busy day, a kitchen can provide restorative health if it helps the homeowner focus on a new interest from the day and become engaged. The attached kitchen image has some design features known to promote restful spaces. These include a window in the back with a view of the outside, a tall ceiling that promotes openness, and bright white colors with an accent lamp in the center. There is interest in blue-colored cabinets in the center accenting the white wall and cabinet color. There could be an item the homeowner has a favorite memory from, like the wicker basket in the center. This space could also be used for family memories of making cookies or creating a craft as a hobby.

Do you have a restorative space that you can go to and relax? If not, I am here to help. As an Interior Design Coach, I can suggest healthy designs specific to individual needs for a more healthy and productive life.

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