I am a design coach creating space solutions specific to your needs so that you can be the healthiest you.
All of my services are customized to fit your needs, your project and budget, and most importantly, your health.
  • Interior design coaching includes space planning for health.

  • Designing spaces to promote health using architectural elements.

  • Evaluate interior spaces to promote positive environmental impacts.

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Why do I need to have healthy interior design solutions?

As an interior design coach, I provide design solutions that promote health and suggest custom changes for individual satisfaction and comfort. With the vast amount of time people spent indoors, it is important that their own space complements their needs and promote health.

What is a heathy interior environment?

A healthy interior envioronment can be described as interior space that can complement the individual to act in ways that promote their health. An example of this is a kitchen that has bright colors and many windows so that the occupant can look outside. Research has been conducted and states that a person can become physically healthier when they have a view of the outside. One of the tools EcoCreative Design uses to create healthy spaces is the informtion stated within the WELL Building standard. This standard was developed to create building designs that focus on the health of people first.